Graphite and Carbon Rods

Graphite and carbon rods are widely used for making electrodes, anodes, cathodes, heating elements, resistors, fluxing/degassing tubes, molds, crucibles, special structural parts, etc. and applied in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical & electrochemical industry, energy management, glass & ceramics, transportation and other industries.

Graphite and Carbon Rods

HGRAPHITE maintains a substantial inventory of standard carbon and graphite rods and blocks. Unlike other manufacturers, we offer custom cut sizes and can manufacture graphite and carbon to your specifications.

Characteristic of Graphite and Carbon Rods

  • Dense fine grained. Machinable. Good electrical conductivity. High temperature, electrochemical applications.
  • Strong fine grained. Machinable. Good density and strength. Medium temperature. Mechanical applications

Custom Graphite and Carbon Rod

We will manufacture graphite and carbon rods to your specifications and formulation. We can private label products for you.