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What is the usage?

The graphite electrodes  are primarily used to carry the electricity that melts scrap iron and steel in electric arc furnaces. As an increasing proportion of global steel is made using electric arc furnace, the secondary production of steel becomes the major consumption of graphite electrodes. Additionally, the graphite electrode is also used in melting products in smelting furnaces, non-ferrous metals, ceramic products, and even waste recycling industry.

According to the furnace and smelting production requirements, graphite electrodes are produced with different power designs which are regular power, high power and ultra-high power, and machined to diameter from 75mm up to 800mm and length up to 2900mm,

Why from us?

HGRAPHITE  is engaged in production, distribution, sales and service of  graphite electrodes, the product goes to the major steel making companies in China as well as many international players. The company has two production sites in Shangdong and Hebei, China equipped with calcining, forming, backing, graphitization machinery and CNC lathe, milling and drilling equipment. Hgraphite focuses on producing top quality graphite electrode by using the finest needle coke and production techniques, and devote all efforts to develop even more better products.


HGRAPHITE works with existing customers and has wide experience in selecting the most suitable graphite electrode for their applications in order to match the furnaces and reduce overall melting cost.

Types of Graphite Electrode

Graphite electrodes are classified into 4 Types: UHP Graphite electrode (Ultra High Power) , SHP Graphite electrode (Super High Power),  HP Graphite electrodes (High Power) and RP Graphite electrode (Regular Power).

Please click the link below to learn more about each type of graphite electrode specifications.

What is Graphite Electrode?

Graphite electrodes are made from petroleum coke after it is mixed with coal tar pitch. They are then extruded and shaped, baked to carbonize the binder (pitch), and finally graphitized by heating it to temperatures approaching 3000 °C, at which the carbon atoms arrange into graphite.

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Top Quality Focus, Rest-Assured Service

Strict Quality Control process ensures the right products for our customers before goods leaving the factory.
“Quality First, Price Second”  we have a wide range of suppliers and partners to gurantee the material supply and high quality.
Free consultancy and design according to clients requirements, provide optimal proposal for individual clients.
Graphite Electrode Manufacturer China provides service for first time installation and commissioning of the products.
According to the time of finishing formalities. Engineers will leave for the job site ASAP or provide long-distance service, and finish trouble shooting.