Graphite Nipple

In order to prevent loosening of the connection of the graphite electrode, the nipple is given a special treatment.

graphite electrode nipple

The Nipple Handling

  1. Storage:The Nipples should not be stored outside or in buildings where the temperature rises over 50 to avoid melting.
  2. Tightening Torque: Same as the recommended torque for standard nipples.

Instructions on how to connect electrodes with graphite nipples

When the new electrode is connect the nipple. It is necessary to blow out dust dirt in the socket with compressed air.

When connecting,the electrode is aligned with the center axis of the nipple to which is the connected.

The electrode clambers should be the exterior of two security lines of nipple connection position.

Before screwing the electrode, the dust on the surface of electrode should be blown out compressed air.