Graphite Related Product

Hitech Graphite offers graphite related product at competitive price and professional manner.

They are widely used in refractories industry,  Metallurgical etc.

What Graphite Related Products We Offer?

A specific application may require different grades of electrodes in order to match the existing furnaces and reduce overall melting cost. Generally, according to the level of quality, graphite electrode can be divided into the following three standards:


Carbon RaiserCarbon Raiser

Carbon Raiser is made from calcined petroleum coke. As an ideal carbon additive and intermediate reactor, it has been widely used in different industries like metallurgy, chemistry, machinery, electricity, etc.

Silicon CarbideSilicon Carbide

Silicon carbide is produced from quartz sand and high quality anthracite/petroleum coke under high temperature in and electric resistance furnace. It looks black and has a micro hardness of 2800-3300kg/mm2.


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