Graphite Electrode Manufacturing Process 


1.Raw Material

Manufacturing Process (1)

Use of high-quality calcined petrolem coke production materials                                                                                                                                           .


Manufacturing Process (2)

Are broken needle coke in mechanical equipment and screening according to the formula after the proportion of ingredients                                                   .


Manufacturing Process (3)

Ingredients of the raw materials with a certain proportion of asphalt heated kneading, made with plastic paste.                                               .



Manufacturing Process (4)

After kneading of the paste by temperature cooled to process, and forming into the compressor according to the requirements of product specifications



Manufacturing Process (5)Within the roasting road, will be “green” electrode roasting to the specified temperature, according to the requirements of process after roasting products with special dipping, density, mechanical strength, in order to improve the products and then to repeat the roasting of impregnated products, improve product performance.



Manufacturing Process (6)

Second after roasting the products within the graphitization resistance furnace power up to 3000 ℃, the carbon atoms rearrange into specific crystalline form structure, carbon into graphite







Manufacturing Process (7)