HGRAPHITE give a special offer for UHP Graphite Electrode Dia 450mm x Length 1600/1800mm for sale at stock:

The offered item is ready for delivery in stock. We give the great discount for promotion purpose. It will go up to the original price after this promotion period. Learn more about the graphite electrode.

  • UHP Graphite Electrode for salesTrade Term: FOB Xingang, China
  • Loading Port: Xingang, China
  • Manufacturing Time: In stock
  • Valid Until: 2015/3/5
  • Application: steel furnace



UHP Grade Graphite Electrode
Item Unit Reference Data
Ash Content % ≯0.3
Bulk Density g/cm³ ≮1.78
C.T.E (100-600℃) x10-6/℃ ≯1.2
Elastic Modulus GPa ≯14
Flexural Strength MPa ≮ 18-20
Specific Resistance μΩm ≯4.5

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