Recently, HGRAPHITE delivered 150MT of synthetic graphite powder to Indonesia. The client is an importer and service company of graphite based product. They have been in this business for 5 years offering consulting, research, and product development on graphite products for their local foundry, steel, lubricating, electrical and chemical industries players.We study their required specification and the graphite usage and offer the right samples with testing certificates. They are very satisfied with the sample and decided to visit us in person.

synthetic powders to indonesiaThe graphite powder features in strong chemical stability, high resistance to acid and alkali, low content of harmful impurities and iron sulfur. It is also resistant to high temperature, able to transfer heat and electricity. It owns lubrication and plasticity futures. The powders are widely used in casting, battery, carbon products, refractories, carburant etc. The graphite powder to be delivered is packed in ton bag (1.2 tons/bag).

The client has a regular requirement of the same for 300 tons per month. They came to our factory for site visit and finally place the order after seeing our production capability and  professionalism. As a professional synthetic graphite manufacturer, we are happy to assist our client on their graphite projects.